Philosophy and Reviews

I have been a language teacher for more than 10 years. Most of my work has focused on teaching university level English language courses in China and Canada including ESL, EAP, and ESP courses. During this time, I have created curricula for my own classes as well as others both using textbooks and with material entirely created by myself. I have worked for several universities, and I have taught as part of an organization, an independent contractor, and I have experience in supervisory roles. Most recently, I have been teaching graduate level academic writing courses and a language learning theory class.

As a teacher, I believe in evidence based curriculum design. As teachers, we should build syllabus’ around the needs of the stakeholders including students, faculty, and administration, and then combine the stakeholders needs with pedagogical and language research to form effective lesson plans. Most of all though, I believe that every teacher and every department is capable of the above with the right mix of experience, skill, and knowledge.

Below are some reviews from students, peers, subordinates, and supervisors who I have worked with. These reviews can also be seen on my LinkedIn:

I’ve known Clinton since he started teaching one of our 1-credit courses for the McGill Writing Centre in 2017. In addition to the great technical prowess with the corpus tools we’ve established as the core of this particular course, he is also a dedicated teacher who jumps in eagerly to support students and troubleshoot difficulties with the content or the task. In this shift to remote teaching, he has shown flexibility to address the needs of multilingual learners with diverse levels of English proficiency who are logging in around the world. His experience, empathy, and professionalism make him a valued member of our teaching corps.

– Yvonne

As chair of our graduate student association, Clinton was reliable, organized, and the life-blood of the association. He organized both large-scale and small-scale events, securing funding, and finding top-notch guest speakers. His efforts organizing the graduate symposium were impressive, coordinating students, guest speakers, vendors and support staff. The students were always at the forefront of all of his initiatives and he went above and beyond to make all new students feel welcome. As a liaison between the professors and students, he was able to recognize both parties’ needs and propose solutions that benefitted both. As a researcher he is very thorough and precise, handling all tasks ina timely manner. All of his work eas executed with precision and passion and was always there to answer any questions from his teammates and colleagues. He was a real resource in the lab and could handle anything task thrown at him. He would be a wonderful addition to any research facility.

– Grace

Language Acquisition was one of my favorite subjects when I studied ESL at Concordia University, in Montreal, and I must thank my professor Clinton Henry for it. The classes in Clinton’s course were so rich and well-structured that, in the vast content covered, there was nothing left to chance nor loose ends untied. Lessons were delivered impeccably, ensuring that us students grasped the theories and schools of thought taught, and the diverse ways these could be applied in our classrooms. One of the essential features of good teachers is how approachable they are. Clinton’s broad-minded personality and patience invited students throughout the term to feel free and ask away whatever was unclear or not understood; he both stayed with inquiring students after class and was quick to reply via email to our concerns . Moreover, the quality of his feedback on my work was specific and precise, something that made me further immerse myself into many interesting topics and which proved inspiring for me to follow suit with my own students given its significance. I hope Clinton continues to share his knowledge and expertise for many a decade in our educational institutions.

– Reidel

During my 2018 summer semester at Concordia, I attended TESL 341: Language Acquisition taught by Clinton Hendry and was pleasantly surprised with his teaching approach. During class time, Clinton was enthusiastic about his topic and prepared various activities which prompted the students to discuss various elements found in our book, “How languages are learned” by Lightbown, P. M., & Spada, N. (2013). Sharing our ideas in class was always fun because Clinton was open to our suggestions which made class enjoyable for everyone; in addition, Clinton always encouraged us to go beyond our ideas and contemplate the possibility of research. Eventually, I understood the importance of this message and decided to continue my education and research the questions I had originally discussed in his class. Thanks to Clinton I have seen and understood what it truly means to enjoy your job; Clinton is definitely a teacher I would recommend; after all, he is reliable, enthusiastic and experienced. 

– Audrey

I met Clinton in 2019, and since then, I have had the opportunity to work with him on several research projects in which he showed his extensive knowledge of applied linguistics, EFL/ESL, and education. More recently, I was his editor for a Handbook for which he contributed a chapter to. Clinton’s scholarly work clearly demonstrates his theoretical and methodological understanding on the field, as well as his dedication, academic rigor, innovation, and enthusiasm. Clinton is also a great colleague, always willing to help others, and provide support. He is a very friendly, reliable, and hard-working person, characteristics that make working with him enjoyable, productive and efficient.

– Lourdes

Clinton was my professor at Concordia University. He was tough, yet fair. He was extremely knowledgeable with the material and was able to look at it critically. Most importantly, he taught in a way that made me want to learn. We were welcomed to share our opinions and he asked us thought provoking questions. He was approachable and understanding. He was a person I truly admired. I was fortunate to have Clinton as a professor and any one who has the chance to work with him will get to know how great he is.

– Theodora

I had the pleasure of working with Clinton when he was the chair of DOEIGSA and Graduate Symposium. He seamlessly directed all of the teams throughout meetings and events. He was very dedicated to his role in advocating for the students in the Department of Education. His communication skills, enthusiasm for student involvement and encouragement for being a part of the graduate committee all made my time at Concordia more fulfilling!

– Victoria