Clinton Hendry, M.A., P.h.D Candidate


Instructor, Writing Strategies CESL 631 (701; 702)

Fall 2017-2019       

McGill University, Montreal, QC    

  • Teaching writing strategies to graduate level students
  • Strategies are designed to incorporate Data Driven Learning methods; include how to use corpus based tools including vocabulary profiling and concordancing to improve vocabulary use and writing fluency

Instructor, Language Acquisition TESL 341 (AA)

Summer 2018/19   

Concordia University, Montreal, QC    

  • Re-designing an undergraduate level content course on language acquisition theory including in class content and assignments
  • Completed summative and formative evaluations of all students to Concordia TESL standards

Marker, Grammar for Teachers TESL 331 (A, AA)

Winter 2018            

Concordia University, Montreal, QC    

  • Evaluating summative and formative evaluations according to the rubrics and requirements set forth by the professor
  • Includes being the sole marker for all quizzes (individual formative assessments) and the larger midterm group projects

Assistant Editor

Fall 2016-2017          

Concordia University Montreal, QC                

  • Assisting the head editor and copy editor for an academic publication
  • Included determining if new submissions followed journal guidelines, negotiating early edits with authors, and communicating regularly with head editor


Winter 2015-2019  

Concordia University, Montreal, QC                

  • Marking weekly assignments in a prompt manner as well as monthly major assignments and finals
  • Bi-monthly meetings that include group marking sessions

Instructor, Summer Period English Writing

Summer 2015, 2016 

Renison College, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON

  • Teaching a proprietary English writing program to exchange students preparing to enter into full time university studies in Canada
  • Teaching formal university level academic writing practices including but not limited to grammar, essay writing and citing sources

Instructor, English Writing (1, 2)


Renison College, University of Waterloo Waterloo, ON/Beijing, China

  • Designing and teaching an English Writing curriculum for 1st and 2nd year undergraduate Nano-science students
  • Teaching formal university level academic writing practices including but not limited to grammar, essay writing and citing sources
  • Additional tasks included welcoming and assisting new instructors from Waterloo, testing students to determine English skills level, communicating with local administration for Renison College

Instructor, Oral English; English Writing for Majors and Double Majors


China Agricultural University, Beijing, China

  • Designing, preparing for and teaching Semester long courses for English Majors and English Double Majors including creating syllabi, lesson plans, Power Point presentations, quizzes and tests
  • Managing other foreign teachers as representative of the department
  • Assisted in classroom affairs including class preparation for less experienced instructors
  • Assisted in acclimatizing new teachers to Beijing


PhD in Education


Concordia University, Montreal, QC

  • In progress
  • Dissertation topic: The use of CALL (computer assisted language learning) for instruction of Mandarin tones
  • Research topics include corpora, data driven learning, computer assisted language learning, curriculum design, listening, writing, and reading
  • See Academic Resume for a list of conference presentations, publications, and submitted works

MA in Applied Linguistics


Concordia University, Montreal, QC

  • Completed
  • Thesis topic: The effects of type of instruction on the L2 acquisition of Mandarin tones

Mandarin Language Program


Beijing Language and Culture University, Beijing, China

  • Completed two years of required Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking courses
  • Additional courses: Business Mandarin, Newspaper reading, Academic Writing, Grammar

ACE-TESOL Qualification


Renison College, Waterloo, ON

  • Training in teaching English as a second language
  • Teaching Theory as well as practical knowledge
  • 100 hours of learning theory, 20 hours of observation and teaching in Renison ESL classes
  • Involved creating lessons, teaching classes, preparing syllabi and evaluating students in English

Honours Arts, English Rhetoric and Professional Writing Degree


University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON

  • Training in the practical application of professional and technical writing with special consideration to editing text
  • Study of theory and history of English Rhetoric and English Literature from classic to contemporary works              

Additional Experience



Department of Education Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Association, Montreal, QC

  • Organized monthly graduate student meetings
  • Allocated funds for events and workshops
  • Met with professors bi-weekly to discuss student affairs
  • Official student vote on department steering committee

Chair, GSDE


Graduate Symposium in the Department of Education, Montreal, QC             

  • Chair of the GSDE 2017 conference
  • Includes supervising all sections of the committee (finances, grant writing, advertising, outreach, and volunteer organizers)
  • Approx. 150 attendees
  • Assistant Chair of the GSDE 2018 conference
  • Includes supervising logistics and advising co-Chairs on all organizational matters
  • Logistics supervisor for 2019 conference

Additional Qualifications

  • IELTS certified


  • Fluent in English
  • Functional Mandarin including speaking, listening, writing, and reading
  • Some Japanese

References available upon request

Academic resume available upon request